Color scemes and carbon changes

Scott Stierheim.
I just started to get parts back from the body shop, I gave into something more standard as far as the paint schem goes. I went with a deeper red, brighter silver and replaced the blue with a carbon fiber decal.
All the original decals were replaced or with what I could find that was close.
The tail piece also has the carbon fiber on it. So far I got the front fairing, both side covers and the tail piece done. $400 went down the drain trying to come up with a flag theme, then trying to use a chrome foil to replace the gray part of the stripe. I should get the bike back (its been out since June) next week as my wrench is putting it all back together, that would be $500 worth of tranny parts, fork seals, rebuilt starter and triple tree race/bearing were shot. I was also able the replace the triple tree with the one I got on EBAY as it original was a little tweaked form my 1992 accident.
I have photos of the paint work if anyone would like to see them. and more to come when I get to put it all back together...

The result of all this effort