Fairing changes

Well, Chip Davis was kind enough to compliment me on the fairing I mounted on the Zephyr.
This is based on what I posted to the group, with some links added:

I was looking for a twin headlight set-up on eBay, and this came up.

The seller described the fairing as 'trashed', but the didn't look too bad.
About 2-3" was actually broken off on one side where the upper joins to the lower, but if you look at an early CBR900RR fairing, it tucks in just below the handlebar cutouts. I cut the fairing off there, shortened the rear, smoothed it a bit, and was done.
Had to fill in the small hole above the headlights, too. Bought a new screen and some small turn signals. The tricky bit was making the tapered washer/spacers so the turn signals would face straight forward (they're mounted where the mirrors live on the Honda
Mounts: The CBR headlights and the fairing upper mount to a stamped steel frame

I added a length of aluminum angle to that,
which allowed me to use a 1/8 aluminum plate
between the fairing and the original Zephyr headlight mount on the top triple clamp.
I temporarily mounted the fairing with a couple of strips of aluminum,
and made 3 or 4 patterns from cardboard to check the plate,
since it had to clear the speedo/tach, brake lines, cables, and still look good.
I had originally intended to have the plate machined,
so the patterns were actually CAD drawings pasted to cardboard
I put a lower mount on the bottom triple clamp to the bottom of that steel frame.
The whole thing was still a little flexible,
so I made some 10mm>6mm reducers for the original Zephyr mirror mounts,
and made some brackets to the second mirror hole on the fairing.

The brackets and plate were all hand cut, but with care (filing smooth, polishing, waxing), they look great.
Wiring: I didn't want to cut up the stock wiring, so I needed a two>one connector to hook both lights into the stock loom. Sockets are easy to get at any parts shop, but plugs are a real problem. Fortunately, one of the good folks on the chassis list pointed out that you could insert strips of copper into a socket to make a perfectly suitable plug (just remember to mirror the connections to the plug compared to the socket).
Paint is the current Ford Mustang metallic red. It's actually a bit more vivid than the standard paint in direct sun, and a bit more bluish in artificial light.
Next up: Mounting the matching rear turn signals, and installing an LED taillight.