Turbo Meet Netherlands: Turbo bikes 1984-2004

On friday some people arrived, it was a colourfull moment with all those turbo's.
Wether was holding but it looked a bit like it was going to rain, and so it did at night.
Eventually all factory ones were there, but although most turbo's are honda's, only one showed up.
The meeting was located in Zeist on 'camping de krakeling' (NL)
Luckely in the morning, just before the tourride the sun came out.....
and we drove all day between the bad wether in the sunshine spots
Everywhere we came it just stopped raining
Some 750turbo's that were there.
Talking about the differences and modifications is always interesting.
Although they look the same, not one is the same.
Going back home on sunday: pack everything up and drive home.
Meeting Easter 2004 Germany