Exotic Bike Meet Netherlands: turbo's, 6 cilinders and wankels united

I'm starting off with a picture of how it looked on sunday morning, the air was like the people, slightly blurry. The people from the south of germany are heading off for another 700 or so kilometer. On the left and right the turbo's are flanked by Norton.
On friday I came late, just between the rainfall and the coming thunderstorm....... The meeting was located in Zeist on 'camping de krakeling' (NL). And although it again rained a lot, it was only during the night.
It is covering all sorts of specials, on the foreground a 1100 Katana, on the left a Z1300, 2 hondamatics, a gt750 and RE5,see the picture herebelow. The green bike is a 750turbo with a lot of changes, like rear and front end...and naturally the color. Harder to see is the benelli sei900 next to the door, the Yamaha XJ650, honda CBX or the Norton 850 electric start. The left-overs in red and black can naturally be nothing else as the -by me- beloved kawasaki 750turbo. The suzuki is not a 750 but a bored 1100 with turbo (police officers like the 750 decals though, to match the licence)
Here you see the bikes on the left of the large picture.
This Intrepid-class interstellar starship is the largest of it's kind.
A row of 6 cilinders on sunday, i assure you there were others than Honda too in this segment, but they are standing somewhere out of camera reach. You see the Norton Interpol II on the left.
Meeting Easter 2004 Germany
Meeting September 2004 the Netherlands