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Joachim Söderblom

This is my old girl "the Pearl" ....... ;-)
Bought her march -99, in a pretty good shape...(I thought...)
Well, july -99, I blew the headgasket, and had no place/time to change it
until winter -00.
When starting the job with the headgasket, more and more pieces and bits
flew off.... "This one looks like shit, lets repaint it,
this one is worn out, let´s replace it with new"...and so on...
Suddenly, I was standing there with a naked frame,
a bunch of boxes with pieces that needed; to get the rust off,
either by hand or sand/glassblasting, new paintjob, and a bunch of new parts.
Anyway, now she´s ready, after 2 years "now and then"-restoration,
and I´m pretty satisfied with the result !!