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1983 zx750a

Mark Nettesheim

Here's a pic of my 83 GPz750. The stock frame uses PS fork springs, Telefix
fork brace and a Fox Shox. The matching lowers are from Lockhart. Seat
upholstery by Sargents. The rear wheels have been widened to 4.5" and sport
a 160/60-17" or 18" rear radial tire. A .075" thick rear sprocket spacer
aids in clearing the 530 chain that uses a 18t PBI front sprocket and 43t
Sprocket Specialties rear. The taller handle bar clip ons and master
cylinder are from the 84-85 GPz750 model that use stainless brake lines.
The motor has been bored to 807cc and uses the Wisco 10.25 to 1 pistons. The
head was milled .025" and cams are degreed to 105. The stock clutch basket
was banded by Falicon and uses the stock discs with Vesrah springs. The
igniter box from the 86-87 Ninja 1000R is used that reduces the total
advance to 35 degrees and has a 10,600 rpm limiter built in. This igniter
box is a direct replacement plug in. The stock 34mm Mikuni carbs use a
DynoJet stage 3 kit and the SuperTrapp exhaust uses 6 diffuser plates for
the street.
WOT shifts are accomplished without the clutch by using a copy of Dale
Walkers electric shifter system that I made. This stock appearing bike has
run 11.75 as you see it and 11.22 with a slick and wheelie bar.
-= GPz750 =-