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1984 zx750a

Matt McDonald

hey whats up my names matt. i live south of boston mass and im 19 years old. i purchased my gpz when i was 17 quite an upgrade from my previous bike (1977 suzuki gs400). im pleased to say im the 2nd proud owner of this bike it has 23,000 origional miles, 4-1 vance and hines exhaust, stage 2 jet kit,k&n airfilter (not individual),platinum plugs (if that counts for anything),new black box,and fender eliminator kit(did it myself),ive also added a gp shifter,i have also removed the center stand helmet locks and luggage bar. the bike just had new carbs put in a whole new crank and 4 new connecting rods and new piston rings.i posted a couple pics before some minor things wered done like the removal of the lugage bar and ect. thanks to all the work i put in the bike is screaming fast and responsive.even after all the work and initial cost of the bike ive spent 1900 which i think is a decent investment. well i guess thats bout it have fun and be safe. ill be adding more pics soon.