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1985 zx750e

Frans van de Laar

Hi all,
Maarten asked me to put a little story here how to build a IHI RHB52 on your 750 turbo, some of the things are pretty definitive so be sure you want it, I must say the IHI gives the bike more top-end punch and they are available at your local breaker for only 50-100 euro's :-)
You have to look for a unit from a Daihatsu Charade Gtti turbo, saw your y-pipe in two after the bend, get a sheet of iron from approx. 5mm thick and make a new flange for the IHI and (have it)weld(ed) it onto the original flange.
You have to drill one new hole in the exhaust flange from the IHI to mount it onto the spiderpipe.
The RHB housings can be turned so put it in the right direction, leave it untightened and make further adjustments on the bike, the oilreturnhose has to lengthened and if you want more out of the bike perhaps install a bleedvalve, the standard boost is enough for my bike and it has to fill an intercooler too,
Have fun !!!