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1984 zx750e

Maarten Verberne

Right, time for some new pictures,
the left and middle show my 2 turbo bikes, the left has run 80.000+ km and is still running strong, all plastic is scratched and cracked. But it's fun to ride.
what i did was this: code 33, gastrol rs 10W60 oil, revised front fork and swing arm.
The one on the right has rolled 100 meter to date and that is because i pushed it that far. Only thing left are some cosmetic works. the frame is powdercoated everything that can come apart has been apart and rebuild using kawasaki or better parts, hpu rebuilt ht10b, code33, engine in assembling oil, front fork filled with 10w60, inside tank treated with bio-de-ruster (washes off but coats the metal while not in use) all stainless steel bolts...etc etc
since my loyal turbo is degrading by day, i'm trying to get myself to the point that i'll dump the wreck and step on the new turbo, but as long as it runs strong it's hard to part with the ugly beast.
oh, and on the right you see the 'Dutch wether linkage'