Air Temperature Sensor/750turbo, the weakest link

Itī a temp-sensitive resistance default value when removed variable with the temperature, decreasing when temperature rises (sorry donīt know in Fahrenheit or whatever you lot use)

The air sensor is the weakest link when it comes to sending data to the CPU, this can result in an air temp faulty code (1 long, 3 short)

If you have an air temp faulty code when under boost and/or in extreme heat, you should take a look at the following:

The engine oil, low on engine oil makes the sensor knock out due to hotter air.

The battery, most people tend to forget, but bike batteries only last 1-2 years and usually this is why the sensor fails. At high RPM/high boost the system demands a lot of power from the battery, coils can't cope this, they are not stable enough, so current drops and the sensor is the first one to fail.

Usually it's a combination, so hot air & poor batterie.