The first contribution to the Suspention set-up is made by Takashi , he has built a ZX 9 R fork in his bike.

Follow the links on this page if you want to improve the way your bike handles. James has used a BMW K100 fork in there and different Suzy´s have been used too. Rear set-up is a bit more restricted, GSXR shocks are more or less usable and cheap.Massimo is using a White Power for his turbo, still available new, but not cheap.

GSX-R swingarm modification by Matt

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Cardridge Forks & Emulator Kits (3)

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Tech Article (1)

Tech Article (2)

3. tyre talk

4. Brakes mods and changes



7. Anti Dive Unit

8. Anti Dive Unit

Chassis Attitude
1. Inner Cylinder

2. Fork Hydraulic Oil

3. Brake hose

4. Brake Pressure

5. Piston

6. Control Valve

7. Anti Dive Adjuster

8. Fork Outer Tube