Handy Tools

Sprocket, Chain and Tyresize Professional

Ever wondered what would happen if you go to that extra wide tyre, ever wanted to convert the chain from 630-530-520, or just want to change reduction.
This tools shows you what happens, before you run to the store.
Calculations involving chain length, sprocket size, tyre circumference and differences between actual speed and speedometer.
Finally it shows a graphic of the min and maximum (theoretical) speed per gear before the redline (It does NOT show your actual topspeed)
Available in Dutch, German and English. Includes help files on all tech terms in English.
If your bike is not listed and you have a spec sheet or manual, please feel free to enter your bike in the database.

Sprocket & Chainsize for all motorcycles

So it's time to walk over to the store for some new sprockets & chain. Here you will find all brands and models listed, chaintype, chainlength and standard sprockets per model.
Alternately you can also change reduction, change chain type etc. The program will calculate the new chain length, sprockets or whatever is needed.

Shimsize Professional

This one, as the name implies, is for setting your valve clearance


If you are in need of a tool thatīs not listed or you want to add a language, Just ask me